From Cali girl to Texas Queen, Osay has always been a very ambitious and focused young woman. She started doing her hair at 12 years old and has always been a go-getter. Coming from a broken home, she never let her environment be a roadblock to her success. As a very observant child, she watched and learned from others' mistakes and outlined exactly what she did not want to become. Through being able to accomplish so much at a young age, she began to have so many dreams and goals but not a clue about where to start. 


Expectations from society crippled her into confusion and she began to operate in others' expectations instead of walking in God's purpose for her life. Osay was originally Born in Oakland CA. Raised in Vallejo she then moved to Austin, Texas for her college education and never looked back. After a while, she spent her time lost in making money without any personal fulfillment. Fortunately, Osay found out very quickly that she needed a shift. Now she has found a passion in teaching others how to overcome their distractions, find their purpose, and stay connected to a higher source. Get in touch today to see what she can do for you.


You will have the oppportunity to work side by side with Osay on how to start a business, have the right mindset, run multiple and more! 


Osay meet's you where you are and give you step by step guidnece on how to jump start your journy to your destiny