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From Cali girl to Texas Queen, Osay has always been a very ambitious and focused young woman. She started doing her hair at 12 years old and has always been a go-getter. Coming from a broken home, she never let her environment be a roadblock to her success. As a very observant child, she watched and learned from others' mistakes and outlined exactly who she did not want to become. Through being able to accomplish so much at a young age, she began to have so many dreams and goals but not a clue about where to start. 


Osay was originally Born in Oakland CA. Raised in Vallejo she then moved to Austin, Texas for her college education and never looked back. As a natural leader, expectations from society crippled her into confusion and she began to operate on others' expectations instead of walking in God's purpose for her life. After a while, she spent her time lost in making money without any personal fulfillment. Fortunately, Osay found out very quickly that she needed a shift. Now she has found a passion in teaching others how to overcome their distractions, find their purpose, and stay connected to a higher source while creating generational wealth through real estate specializing in; Buy and Holds, Corporate Leasing and Ownership.

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