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 Osay, was born and raised in the heart of the Bay Area, located in California. As the youngest of 3, Osay had the luxury of perspective, observation, and decision. By watching her sibling's mistakes and accomplishments, Osay had the opportunity to choose the life she wanted for herself.

She started her journey at the age of 12 years old by becoming a hairstylist. Osay has created multiple income-producing businesses since then. Such as hair products, business consulting, accessories, graphic design and so much more. In 2020 Osay realized that she was operating for simply money and no fulfillment, so she stood still for 6 months and stopped everything which led her to find her purpose. As you begin to learn more about Osay, you will find that she is a very passionate being. Her ultimate goals in life are wrapped around the progression of others. One of the most important goals to Osay is to create 568 millionaires between the ages of 12-26.

A Note from Osay:

Hey, my loves! Thank you for visiting my site, I welcome you with open arms and reassurance that every part of what I do is extremely international. I pray that you are comfortable working with me in any way if you have questions feel free to reach out! 

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